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with innovative technologies for deep underground mapping and surveying.

Electroscan is a leader in underground utility detection, location surveying and mapping and is a certified DBYD locator in Brisbane. We use a range of innovative technologies to precisely locate subsurface assets, and equip our clients with the information they need to prevent utility strikes and avoid design conflicts. Whether the development is civil, commercial, or retail – we can help ensure projects are delivered safely, on time and in budget.

Our skilled team of Optus certified and DBYD accredited locators are experts at identifying and recording the location of underground and subsurface assets onsite in a safe and accurate manner. This includes gas pipelines, electricity cables, telecommunications networks, storm water drains, sewerage systems and other services. This will help you execute your projects without facing any delays, abrupt work stoppage and even prevent avoidable injuries / deaths due digging accidents.

All of our utility surveys are completed to the latest Australian Standards (AS5488: 2019), capturing quality data that can be easily incorporated into project design plans or transformed into maps and models compatible with current engineering software.


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Underground service locator, concrete scanning and pipe inspection services in Brisbane to manage project risks.

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A range of flexible data delivery and visualisation options that are fully compatible with planning and design processes.

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Utility detection, location and mapping solutions that are designed to meet the unique needs of the project scope and budget.

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