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Local Council or State Government? Why getting the right approvals and permits is so important.
September 27, 2021 admin

Local Council or State Government? Why getting the right approvals and permits is so important.

The civil and construction industry has come a long way in Australia. With the introduction of new practices and advancements in both technology and processes, our industry is safer and stronger than ever.

As the standards and regulations of our industry have evolved, so too has the governance. From local council to state government, there are any number of different departments, bodies and authorities that oversee the permissions you may need to carry out the utility detection, location and verification work required for your project.

Being able to jump through the right hoops is critical to ensuring any utility location work can be completed efficiently and effectively – and more importantly, it keeps your project on track to meet its timelines.

Permits for different types of work

The most common examples are road corridor access permits to conduct work on public roads, or approvals to block off an area and redirect local traffic. However, some may be less obvious. For example, we recently worked on a project where the client needed a Road Corridor Permit (RCP) from Transport and Main Roads. In order to obtain the RCP, a PUP was also required.

Essentially, the necessary permissions (and who can grant these permissions) will differ greatly depending on the nature of the project and the location of the site. The larger or more unique the project, the greater the likelihood that multiple permits and approvals will be required. Unfortunately, that means more time and more paperwork, but it is absolutely necessary to ensure the success of your project.

Dealing with different local and state bodies

On top of obtaining different permits for different types of work, you may find that you’ll need to deal with multiple authorities operating at multiple levels of government. This adds another layer of complexity – and is a part of the process that should not be underestimated.

Knowing where to go, who to speak to and how that particular department or group operates can be the difference between being allowed to move onto the next phase of your project or not. And doing it effectively can avoid adding months to your project unnecessarily.

How we work with clients

Getting the job done isn’t always as straightforward as having the right tools for the job. Navigating the complexities of permits and approvals is part and parcel of the process but it is also one of the key areas where not all utility locators are equal.

Understanding and being able to manage all these processes is something that Electroscan does for all our clients. We believe early planning is key and will always perform an in-depth consultation with you upfront to ensure that we fully understand all the project requirements and are able to advise you accordingly.

We will coordinate all the Dial Before You Dig referrals, site plans and/or traffic management plans & permits that are required for the scope of the utility location, verification or mapping work. Leave it with us!

Electroscan offers utility detection, location, and mapping services across Queensland to support all your subsurface utility engineering needs. Electroscan’s highly skilled team of detection and location specialists work have experience working across projects of varying complexities. Our team always work collaboratively amongst to ensure our combined years of experience bring you the best outcome for your project.


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