Utility Mapping and Modelling

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Utility Mapping and Modelling

Electroscan offers flexible data delivery and visualisation options for all of our detection and location services. Our deliverables are fully compatible with the planning and design processes of our clients.  From a simple PDF photo report, all the way up to 3D point cloud models – we can deliver detailed data about site or assets in the format that clients need it in.

Our utility data can be seamlessly integrated with topographic surface information for easy design and clash detection. We will deliver all of our survey and location data in a consistent format that is fully compatible with all major engineering software including:

  • 12d
  • AutoCAD
  • Revit
  • Navisworks
  • Full BIM functionality

We can even help turn existing 2D plans and design documents into 3D models so our clients can truly visualise how their design elements will interact with the current site environment.


3D Modelling

3D models are one of the most impactful ways to communicate designs and visualise plans. We can deliver the precise subsurface utility data we’ve gathered in a 3D model format so that our clients can incorporate them into their designs for analysis and fine-tuning.

Photo Reports & 2D Modelling

Photo reports and 2D models are a simple and cost effective way of capturing dimensions and technical details. They can also be annotated with any other information is relevant for the project. Our survey data can be delivered in these formats with TPS coordinates to ensure no accuracy is lost.

Laser Scanning & Point Cloud Data Capture

Electroscan has access to the latest in 3D laser scanning technology to capture point cloud data. This can be transformed into a 3D model so our clients have an exact visual replica of the environment for their site.

Discuss your utility mapping and modelling needs with us.

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