Project Solutions

underground surveying

Project Solutions

With Electroscan’s integrated projects solutions, asset owners and operators are better informed of their below and above-ground landscape, with opportunities to maximise subsurface utility engineering.  

Our teams engage collaboratively across the delivery lifecycle, ensuring safe, timely, and de-risked project delivery.  

Staged Delivery

Project planning and preparation 

Engagement and co-creation to understand client and project requirements, with preparation of personalised data delivery options to meet the brief. 

Project Solutions

On-site detection and location 

Detailed sub-surface site investigation, preliminary drawings, reports, or visualisations. 

electroscan, GPR, ground penetrating radar, conductive tracing, utility mapping and modeling, cctv, cameras, underground surveying, inspect pipes

Pre-design verification 

Collaborative scoping and completion of further on-site verification, ensuring QL-A standards are met and consolidated data is captured.

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