Utility Location Services

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Utility Location Services

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At Electroscan, we utilise a comprehensive range of innovative technologies and techniques to precisely and consistently locate the subsurface services and structures our clients need to be aware of for their project.

For the utility locating services we provide in Brisbane, we follow a dedicated framework. Our approach to detection and location is consistent, accurate and balances both risk and cost management to achieve our clients’ desired project outcomes. The data we gather for our clients allows them to plan and design their projects with confidence – leaving no unexpected issues once development commences.

We Offer a Complete Solution

Our full range of utility locating services equips our clients with the information they need to prevent dangerous utility strikes and avoid costly design conflicts. From underground utility detection to concrete scanning and pipe inspections, we consolidate and manage all our clients’ service location and surveying needs, so that they can deal with one provider. Our total solution approach provides our clients with high quality data, and consistent data delivery to seamlessly integrate into their planning, design, or construction process.


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Comprehensive detection and location of underground services using 2D GPS-equipped GPR and EMI technology.

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Accurate, real-time scanning of concrete structures to using non-destructive GPR technology.

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Detailed investigations of the condition of pipes and drains using efficient techniques and CCTV technology.

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