Electroscan Website Relaunch!

Electroscan Website Relaunch!
December 23, 2020 admin

We are delighted to announce the relaunch of our newly designed website and the launch of our blog. Visit us at www.electroscanqld.com.au.

Our goal with the new website is a faster, easier to navigate and more user-friendly experience for our clients and partners. This platform will provide better access to understand our services and to learn more about the latest developments in utility detection, location and mapping and how we can partner with you on projects from design right through to construction.

As innovators who invest in the latest technologies, it is important for us to share our thought-leadership to progress the industry, educate on our services and showcase the latest developments and trends, ensuring our current and prospective clients are informed on the best services for their projects. Because we focus on integrating the latest technologies with the wealth of experience in our team, we know it is important for our clients to learn about what we offer and how we can bring more value to their projects, optimising the balance between cost and safety.

In addition to explaining our services, this website also provides an opportunity to share more about who we are, how we work, our expertise and case studies. Helping you better understand how we will work with you on your next project. The case studies in particular will highlight the strength of our partnerships and showcase the application of each of our services.

Stay tuned! We will be continuously updating our content with useful information, thought leadership, company announcements and client success stories.

For any questions, suggestions or feedback email us at admin@electroscanqld.com.au.

Ben Stephens

General Manager


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