Electroscan Team Profile # 1

Electroscan Team Profile # 1
March 9, 2021 admin


Electroscan Team Profile # 1

Name: Rayhaan Hussain

Role: Surveyor

What do you do at Electroscan?

I am a surveyor and manage the data we collect from clients and industry datasets

Years of experience:

6 years

Electroscan Team Profile # 1


What does a typical day look like?

Although each job is varied because of the diversity in our client base. My focus for each day is to ensure each job is done correctly and efficiently to help our clients get the information and data they need, to get their building projects completed safely and on-budget.

I work day-to-day with the other service locators to ensure the data we collect is processed correctly and our customers receive accurate and informative reports.

What’s a common question you get from customers?

“What do your instruments do?”

At Electroscan we work with both traditional and advanced techniques to create our Utility Location reports. So, when we arrive at the site with our instruments, clients are always curious about what each piece of equipment does and how the data we collect feeds into the end report. There are often misconceptions such as “Is that an X-Ray machine?” – so at each client site, we make sure to explain how our equipment works and what utilities can be detected by each machine.

What do you like most about your job?

We arrive at each job with a lot of unknowns about what sitting underneath our client’s sites. So, it’s incredibly rewarding when we get to the end of each project and we are able to provide reports that accurately detail the utilities to our clients, in a format that is easy to understand. Each of our reports utilises 3D pipe diagrams which are overlayed with our scans of the area. These reports give our clients the confidence to continue their builds and are simple for people outside our industry to read.

What are you excited about in the industry?

As a surveyor, I am excited to be working in an industry that is so primed for digital transformation, with new instruments and data visualisation techniques being implemented contiguously by leading players in the industry. The shift over the last few years has seen more digital data, reporting and imaging replacing hard copy mapping. For our clients, this means the data we use is richer leading to better safety and operational outcomes.

Highlight of your time at Electroscan so far?

We worked on a service location and scanning project around Wellington Road in East Brisbane. The complexity of the project meant we needed to be creative in how we gathered our data from a variety of sources to create a 3D outcome with a scan overlay. Which I found incredibly interesting as surveyors in other companies don’t always have the opportunity to work on these types of projects, and I was able to bring both my technical and creative skills to deliver the final report to our clients.


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