Electroscan Team Profile # 2

Electroscan Team Profile # 2
March 10, 2021 admin


Electroscan Team Profile # 2 

Andrew Cowan

What’s your role in Electroscan?

Senior Utility Locator

What do you do at Electroscan?

Map underground utilities and provide clients with detailed data reports of findings.

How long have you been in the industry?

11 years

What were you doing previously?  

Before joining the Utility Locating Industry I worked as a Cellar hand at Boar’s Rock Winery, Margaret River.

Working with safety and quality assurance in large operations was a big part of my previous role so there is a large set of skills I was able to bring across.

What projects have you led? 

  • Eastern Transit
  • Sumner Rd Interchange Darra
  • Moggil Rd & Coonan Street Interchange Upgrade Indooroopilly

Read more about these on our Projects Page

What does a typical day look like?

Every day is quite varied for a service locator because each of our clients and projects are unique, but we start our days by visiting the site and introducing ourselves to the clients and exchanging contact information. It is important at Electroscan that each of our clients knows who is working on their project and they know how to get in communication with us while we are working with them, so this is usually the first thing we do at the start of every project.

We then conduct a walkthrough of the site and establish all areas of interest for the project and use this information while also reviewing the client’s Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) and As- Constructed (As-Con) plans and documentation. By conducting a detailed review while referencing our own extensive database, we are able to start the project with as much information as possible – ensuring the most accurate scans are conducted. We follow this with Power/Radio, Induction and GPR grid sweeps to identify services that are undocumented.

Following this, services are marked on-site, and plans are double-checked. We start tracing with GPS and when all marks have been detected, we input our data into a report to send back to the client before finalising.

What are you excited about in the industry?

Within my first year in the industry, I could see the potential for technology to help our clients immensely. When I first started, we were providing Mud Maps which had no spatial accuracy and were limited in the information our clients could work with. Now our digital technologies, especially the tools Electroscan works with, can provide accurate and clear reporting that is easy for people both inside and outside the industry to interpret.

Favourite memory from work?

It is always good when a large-scale project is successfully completed, and the end results are handed over to the client. This gives me a huge sense of accomplishment.

One of my most memorable moments would be when performing a hand-over of the deliverables to senior management of our client business. The team we worked with were impressed by how we managed the project end-to-end paying critical attention to detail, met critical deadlines and updated them every step along the process so they knew they were working with a trusted partner.


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