Concrete Scanning

Concrete Scanning

Our concrete scanning service is the safe way to approach working with structural concrete. We provide our clients with a detailed analysis before they commence work so they can cut, core and drill into any building, bridge, tunnel or other concrete structure with confidence.

Electroscan utilises state of the art Ground Penetrating Radars to rapidly image beneath the surface of concrete structures and provide detailed information on the thickness of the concrete and what is concealed within. This includes first and second level rebars, voids, post-tension cables, structural steel, cavities, utilities, and conduits.

We can then provide our clients with the scan data in a range flexible data delivery and visualisation formats. So they can confirm the accuracy of old design plans, identify a clear area for work, and conduct detailed planning for their design or construction project.



Our Ground Penetrating Radars feature 2D Real-time Kinetic GPS technology to capture accurate and detailed data on the position of conductive and non-conductive objects concealed within concrete structures. This dual purpose technology ensures the valuable information captured through GPR scanning can be used by both design and construction teams.


We offer flexible data delivery and visualisation options that are fully compatible with the planning and design process of our clients.  From a budget spray and go, all the way up to 3D point cloud models – we can deliver concrete scanning data in the format that our clients need it in.

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